Saturday, November 17, 2012

Waterfall Hike in Costa Rica

Here are a couple of blog entries from Mickey and J.P. We were anchored out in Bahia Santa Elena, Costa Rica for about a week and went totally off the grid.  They were subjected to some hiking, swimming, and gorgeous sunsets...poor kids. It should be noted that they were required to use an example of personification and a simile in this blog entry....again, poor kids!!!


Mickey took this photograph after pulling into the anchorage at Bahia Santa Elena.
Easy One Mile Hike
By Mickey
Hello Readers!  Earlier this week we went on an "easy one mile hike." It was about 9:00 in the morning when my mom announced that we were going on a hike with our friends, Michael and Diana to a waterfall.  Supposedly the guide book said that it was an "easy one mile hike!".  We had to row a half a mile, but halfway there we caught a ride with our friends.  My family arrived at the beach in about 10 minutes instead of 30. When we got to the path, it wasn't quite a path. It was a river and we were pounding upstream!!  After a full hour, we finally go there. So much for an easy one mile hike!!
It was a beautiful waterfall and it looked like it was throwing buckets of water into the lake.  Also, we could drink the fresh water.  We swam next to the waterfall and had snacks of crackers, sandwiches, and cookies.  Then it was time to go back.
It was A LOT easier on the way back. We got to the road in only 15 minutes. Now THAT is an easy one mile hike! When we got to the dinghy, we caught a ride with Michael, but his engine broke down halfway there.  Thankfully, we saw Heather and Ron in their dinghy (they are the friends we got a ride from on the way there). Before they could get to our dinghy, I surprised everyone by jumping into the water! It felt soooooo good!! After I got up on the dinghy, they towed us back to our boat and I got in the water again. It was a great day!!!
Waterfall Hike
By J.P.

Hello Blog Readers! A couple of days ago me and my family went on a lovely hike. The Costa Rica guide book said it was a easy one mile trek.  It was really a difficult three mile hike.  When we got into the dinghy we couldn't start the engine (long story). My dad rowed us for a little bit then Sundancer's dinghy came in and towed us. Once we got there we waited fro Michael and Diana for about five minutes.
The first leg of the hike we looked for the service road. That didn't take us long. Then we found it and we saw HUGE animal prints!  Michael (our friend, who came with us) found me a cool walking stick. After that, we found the river. We walked upstream. There were really big spiders! Dad (Ben) said there was nothing to worry about, but those were big!! There was really slippery moss, so it was harder to walk.
Finally, we arrived at the waterfall. It was my first time at a real waterfall, so to me, it looked like a person puking blue something.  The rocks were like little freckles on human skin. The water was so clear I bet if the rocks were 20 miles deeper, you could still see the bottom.  We had  an awesome lunch there. About half of my favorite foods were there. After that, we took a dip in the waterfall. The water was SO clear. I can't say it was crystal clear because I've never seen a crystal before!  After that I started skipping rocks then got board. Two minutes later, we headed back.
Going back down the river was as hard as it was coming there. Once we got back to the beach Michael and Diana were nice enough to tow us.  But after a couple of minutes, their engine overheated. So we rowed a while then Sundancer, Heather and Ron, towed us with their ten horsepower engine (which is a lot for a dinghy engine). That was a really fun hike.
As we pulled into the anchorage, there was a beautiful rainbow. Welcome to Costa Rica!!
Above photo credits go to Mickey!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Visit to Ms. Johnson's Class

Visit to Molly’s Classroom
By Mickey

    On September 13th we went to my mom’s friend’s classroom. It was a very nice school with a massive whiteboard. There were about 25 kids in the classs. The kids were extremely nice and so sweet.  The room number was 3 and Ms. Johnson, the teacher, would yell, “Who has it better than Room 3?”

    And everyone says, “NOBODY!”   It is from Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers coach.

    There were many things to do like dominoes and other activities. One of the students was doing the Baja Ha-Ha! She was going to do it in a few weeks!!! Also, we talked about our trip. We answered questions, helped with papers, played with the 1st graders and talked about this blog.

    Well, I better be going. Bye!

Visit to Ms. Johnson’s Class
By J.P.

     Today I went to Ms. Johnson’s class. Me, Mickey and my mom went because we helped out. There were 25 kids at the class. It brought back a lot of first grade memories. I helped out a little. I wrote Ms. Johnson’s name on her books and showed the kids pictures of our boat.
     Ms. Johnson’s real name is Molly. Sometimes Molly would yell, “Who has it better than Room 3?”

    Then everybody would yell, “Nobody!”

    Their room is three. There was a girl there who was doing the Baja Ha-Ha. The Baja Ha-Ha is a sailboat race from San Diego to Mexico. I was so surprised!

     That’s all! Bye!

Monday, June 25, 2012

By Mickey Doolittle

Current Location: San Mateo, CA

Hi! We are back in the States right now.  Sorry I haven't written in such a long time. I really wanted to make my own movies so I asked my friend, Zach, who is a Apple genius, and he said Stop Motion Studios is the best app to use!

This is my video taking place five years after Return of the Jedi. Darth Vader has returned as a clone. The Jedi must stop him before he recreates his new empire.

You may have to turn your computer screen....sorry about that!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coming Back to the U.S.

The boys wrote these a few days before leaving El Salvador....we have since flown home and are now back in the Uinted States, enjoying all of the things they were looking forward to....

Current location: San Mateo, California, U.S.A

Hi again; J.P. here! Me and my family are taking a trip back to the United States! I’m looking forward to the food there that I can’t get here in El Salvador. One thing is there’s ice cream that I can’t get here. And we will have a freezer to save ice cream! I’d also like to go back to McDonald’s. Another restrant I’d like to go to is Burger King. A bad thing is they don’t have papusas.
One other thing that I’m looking forward to is my cousin’s dog, Jackson. I’m looking forward to playing with him, feeding him, NOT picking up his poop, racing him and playing catch with him. He also does this thing I like to call treat circle. You just hold a treat over his head and he’ll do circles!
Another thing I’m looking forward to is the weather. It is REALLY hot here!! There’s also nice rain in the States. Rain water is good to drink. There’s also rainbows there!

We have 15 cousins back in the States. Our uncle’s pool is nice. I also would like to visit all of their houses. Here’s some examples; the Buccinio’s, Uncle Pat’s and Aunt Susan’s, Nana’s, and Jerry’s house. Well, guess  I’m done now!  Bye!

J.P. Doolittle

Going Back to the U.S.

By Mickey Doolittle
We are going back to the U.S. for the summer. I am looking forward to Twain Harte. Every year my twelve cousins and I go there. Every day we play mini golf. It is the most awesome course ever. Also, we go to Twain Harte Lake every day;  swimming, sand castles, snacks and the best ice cream in the world (except Baskin Robbins). It is a neat place!
I am also looking forward to Giant’s games. We are going on the 28th! We are going with a few family members. Weeeeeeeee!   But my favorite part of Giant’s games is joining the crowd and slapping random people high fives when they score a run.
I am most looking forward to seeing all my friends and family. I haven’t seen them for 8 months. I also used to spend every day with my P.E. teacher, Ms. Pam. So I can finally hang out with her.
The food in the U.S rocks! There is a chicken called Orange Chicken and it has this sauce. It is a little spicy, but is really good! McDonalds in the U.S. has the 2 cheeseburger meal. 2 cheeseburgers with fries!!! Bingo! I guess that’s it! I will enjoy.

We'll have to trade in our dinghy for a car for a while.....

Rush hour traffic may be a little different too!

No more riding in the back of pickup trucks either!

We will miss our house on the water....

It's no McDonald's play structure, but hammocks are way cool!!

The view is better than McDonald's, too!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Current location:  Bahia del Sol, El Salvador
By J.P. Doolittle
Hi again; J.P. here! Me and my family went on a trip to Santa Ana for a volcano trip. We went to a good hotel and a bad one for somewhere to stay. First, we went to the bad one. There were a lot of cockroaches! We were excited because there was a T.V. There were nice cushioned beds, but a little bit small. There was even a hole in the bathroom.  That day we went to the rainforest and when we got back we went to the good hotel!
It was nice and big! There was big T.V. with lots of channels. There was good internet. There were two beds that were also cushioned. There was a restaurant and a breakfast buffet. There were no cockroaches!! There was also a big pool! We spent the night there. After we woke up, we had breakfast then left for the volcano!
The volcano was covered with green!! We had a tour guide help us and show everything to us. When we started the walk around the crater, it was very green. There were massive trees! It was nice and cold. There were yummy berries off the plants. We didn’t use a vehicle because there wasn’t any.
When we got done, there was BIG FOG! You couldn’t see a thing! Me, Zach, Ben and Mickey walked in and out of the fog so it was like we appeared and disappeared. After that we went on three busses to the marina. That’s all for today!! Bye!

Inland Travel
The other day we went on a big trip to the volcano in Santa Ana. There were two options for hikes; a four hour hike up the volcano or a 45 minute hike around a crater. Our friends left the hotel at 7:00 a.m. because Aaron, Nicole and Zack took the four hour hike. We left at 11:00 a.m. because we took the 45 minute hike.
When we got there, it was foggy and warm. It was up in the mountains. Me and my family walked up to a tour guide and he said, “It will be a contribution for a tour guide.” It was a fair deal so we took it and started. Halfway through it was glorious and the trees started to get bigger as we walked. We were getting into the older part of the forest. When it was done, I met up with Zack, Aaron and Nicole and headed back to the hotel. The trip was very fun.
When we got back to the hotel, I flopped down on the couch and started to play with my new IPod Touch!  Our room had clean bathrooms and air-conditioning. Also a flat screen T.V., Wi-Fi, power, HOT showers, pool, and a restaurant. To me it was like heaven!
The next morning, we got on a bus and headed to Apateca, a town near a rainforest. We took a hike up to a lake and had pupusas for lunch. I watched the locals play soccer and swim. On the way down, we caught a ride on a truck. Apateca was a nice town.
Finally, it was time to catch the bus back to the marina. We took the direct bus; it took about 7 HOURS to get back. At one point, I looked over to my mom and whispered, “I am so ‘beepin’ HOT!” But after 7 hours of sitting, we made it. As soon as I saw the pool, I took off my shirt, put down my bag and I was wet in half a second. Well, I better go eat lunch.
Hasta la bye-bye!
Written by
Mickey Doolittle

 Cerro Verde means Green Hill.

At the National Volcano Park

The bad hotel with cockroaches.

We found this baker making pan dulces. They were warm and good! 10 cents each!

The cathedral in Santa Ana.

The lake we hiked to near the rainforest.

A lady had a pet racoon on a leash.

There was a stormtropper in the hostel in Apateca.

The Volcano National Park. The fog rolled in.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Soon, we will have to say good-bye to our good friend, Zack from Panache as he sets sail across the Pacific Ocean. The boys decided to write him a good-bye poem to send him off with well wishes.  We will miss you Zack!!!

We Loved Hanging Out With You Zack
By Mickey and J.P. Doolittle - s/v Knee Deep

 We loved hanging out with you, Zack.
We wish we could return to The Shack!
Those corn dogs and burgers were really good,
we would go back there with you if we could.

We loved hanging out with you Zack.
“Angry Native” the ocean is yours to attack.
It was really fun crossing the bar,
Panache was going as fast as a car!!

We loved hanging out with you Zack.
You are as funny as Jack Black.
It was fun singing with you at karaoke.
When we met you we were full of glee!!

 We loved hanging out with you Zack.
At the Baja party we gave you a whack.
As Jedis, devils, princess and Wookies,
We all set sail for the high seas.

 We loved hanging out with you Zack.
We will miss your jokes and giving us flack.
Please keep in touch with us,
but if you e-mail do not cuss!

Jedis slaying the devils at the Kick-off Baja Ha Ha Party way back in San Diego.

Roaming the streets of Huatulco, Mexico.

Visiting a coffee plantation in Chiapas, Mexico.

 Rafting up with Panache in Barra Navidad, Mexico.

"The Band is Breaking Up" good-bye dinner in Bahia del Sol, El Salvador.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Acapulco Divers

Current Location:  Bahia del Sol, El Salvador

Ooops! We found an old blog entry the boys wrote back a few months ago when we were in Acapulco. Enjoy! We have one more video to post...but will do it tomorrow....slow, slow internet here!

Hi everybody! I went to Acapulco Diver's Show a few days ago. The divers walked through the crowd and jumped into the water. They climbed up the cliff and split up. Then they dove off like crazy freaks!!

We stayed at Acapulso for a few days so we also got to go to Starbucks. Starbucks is a coffee shop, but the BEST one! They have air conditioning, lemon bread, everything! We stayed there for a while and then we went to Burger King.

Then we went back to our dinghy at the dinghy dock. The guys that looked after our dinghy charged us something like 200 pesos! So we paid up. I love Acapulco!

Written by Mickey Doolittle

The Acapulco cliff divers were really cool. They jumped off about 100 foot cliffs. It was about a 30 minute show. They did all sorts of flips. Normally, when there is one diver, he does a flip. When there are 2 or 3 divers, they dive. The last diver jumped off the top of the cliff. He did a flip and it was AWESOME!! Cliff divers are really cool!!

Written by J.P. Doolittle

Video of the cliff divers climbing stairs, harnesses or anything!!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Current location: Bahia del Sol, El Salvador

MICROBURSTS By Mickey Doolittle

Microbursts start out raining. It looks like it’s just another rainy night. But then the rain mixes with dry air so the rain starts to evaporate, cooling the air. The dry air goes to the ground in a column. The wind spreads out around the ground, making winds up to sometimes 100 m.p.h.

Our experience was on a boat. It was just another Saturday night sitting on the boat. As always it started to rain. All of a sudden the wind picked up to 76 knots (about 84 m.p.h.). That’s when our friends broke off the mooring ball. They were free. Another boat got off and then we got off. Thanks to my parent’s quick reactions they switched on the engine and we were off. My family and I pulled into the marina. Afterwards my dad was gone to help other boats.

The man who discovered microbursts was Theodore Fujita. He invented the F-Scale. It rates how big tornadoes are. Early in his career, he was fascinated by tornadoes. Microbursts normally happen where thunderstorms are such as; El Salvador, Florida, Costa Rica, and Beliz. FBI Warning: Do NOT be in a plane while a microburst is going on!!!

Well, I guess that’s it! See ya!

By J.P. Doolittle

Microbursts are very dangerous. It happens when rain falls and mixes with the dry air. Rain evaporates and cools that air. The cool air falls and creates a microburst. The wind hits the ground and spreads.

When I was in one, I was on a boat. Our boat tipped a lot. There was a “snap”. Then my dad yelled, “We’re loose.” We broke from our mooring ball. So my dad grabbed the wheel and we drove around. We were about to anchor, when it TOTALLY stopped. We pulled into the marina. There was lots of damage to other boats.

If you’re wondering who figured out microbursts, his name is Theodore Fujjita. He invented this thing called the F-Scale. It shows how big a tornado is. He also found out about microbursts. They usually happen in southeast places in the U.S.A. or places with thunderstorms, for example, Panama. Being in a microburst is very scary.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pupusas in El Salvador

From the teacher: The boys have started their poetry unit and here are their first samples of poetry writing. FYI-Pupusas in El Salvador are what "tacos" are to Mexico.

Pupusas in El Salvador
By Mickey Doolittle

Pupusas are off the chart awesome and cheap,
when you eat them your stomach feels like it's three feet deep.

Pupusas are off the charts awesome and cheap,
when I leave El Salvador I will weep!

Pupusas are off the charts awesome and cheap,
when I taste them, I begin to leap!

Pupusas are off the charts awesome and cheap,
after you eat, go get some sleep!

Video Games
By J.P. Doolittle

Video games are entertaining and fun!
I like to play a ton.

Video games are entertaining and fun!
I play them so much it hurts my bun.

Video games are entertaining and fun!
I hate it when I'm done.

Video games are entertaining and fun!
When the t.v. shuts off I scream and run.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ben Gone

Ben Gone
by Mickey

Hi everybody! Mickey here! In my last post, on the way back from San Salvador, we dropped my dad off at the airport so he and our friend, Aaron could fly to Miami. He went to take a drug test for his captain's license.

So that left mom, J.P. and I at the boat (barco). In the morning, J.P. and I watched a show called The Batman. Then we did school. Lastly, we spent the rest of the day at the pool. The next day was the same and the day after that was Saturday so no school. But besides that, it was the same.

Alright, I guess that's it. Once again, "Hasta la bye-bye!".

P.S. He's back now.

P.S.S. Here's a link to the "belly flop" contest I started at the pool one day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boat Naming Ceremony

Hi again! Last Sunday we had a changing boat name ceremony! That deserves a big celebration. We changed the name from Jace to Knee Deep.

We had it at the dock. We rang out Jace in the beginning. There were lots of people. It was a sunny day. We sang songs, had drinks, and partied! After all the excitement, we rang in Knee Deep. I rang a bell and we shouted the new name altogether. After that everbody left. Everybody had a really good time.

Everybody met on the dock by our boat.

That's our friend, Christian from Andiamo III

Zach from Panache and Aaron and Nicole from Bella Star.

We sang the song by Jimmy Buffet and Zach Brown, "Knee Deep".

Thursday, April 12, 2012

El Salvador and Storms

By Mickey

Bahia del Sol is a hotel/marina. It is where we are staying. There is an anchorage and a mooring field. Our friends, sailing vessel Andiamo III, are staying in the hotel because they are moving to Texas.

Yesterday we got on the bus to San Salvador. Almost every day there is a van from Bahia del Sol to the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador. On the way back we dropped my dad, Ben, and our friend, Aaron off at the airport so they can fly to Florida. He will take a drug test for his Captain’s license.

The marina has a pool!!! Every day we go swimming, but there is a LOT of chemicals in that thing. When you open your mouth, your teeth feel like they’re raw. Well, I guess that’s a wrap!

By J.P.

Hi again! We are in El Salvador. There was a huge thunder storm last Sunday night. Our boat got soaked. It was nighttime. The thunder was like somebody screaming in your ear! The lightening looked like the water was a cake and the lightening was a candle.

I felt totally normal. I was kinda scared, not of the lightening but of the rain because it was pouring so hard. I felt comfortable under my blanket. I wondered why it was pouring so much.

In the morning our boat was actually pretty dry. We opened the hatches again and had breakfast. After that we packed up and headed for the pool. That will be it for today!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

El Salvador

by Mickey Doolittle

Hi! Mickey here in El Salvador. We did a two overnight to Bahia del Sol. We acnchored out at 3:00 a.m. and I was asleep at this time. My mom and dad were sleeping in the cockpit and weren't happy to see me at 6:00 in the morning. Next, we cleaned up the cockpit, made coffee and called the pilot boat. Then we pulled the anchor up and got ready.

The pilot boat came to greet us on a jet ski and met us at the entrance of the break water. He had two people on it, one talking to us on the radio. My mom was supposed to steet, but when she saw the first wave, she was out of the pilot seat in a heartbeat. After the first wave, I clicked out of my harness and I was down below. I was looking out the window and those waves were huge! Here's a video (you may have to cut and paste it):

Did you like it? Well, I'll just have to wait for comments.

Hasta La Bye-Bye!

By J.P. Doolittle

Hi again! I am in Bahia del Sol. Me and my family had to get through a sand bar to get here. There are BIG waves! We did it on a really sunny morning. I was down below because I was scared. It looked like I was surfing. The waves were about to break on us.

The marina is awesome! The docks are really cheap and there is a fantastic pool. A bridge goes over the water. There are also palm trees surrounding the pool. The people who work here squeeze lime juice on trees so the bugs don't come there. There is free water and electricity, too. We went to the breakfast buffet and it was air conditioned. There are also some of our friends on boats with kids. The boat names are Andiamo and Taking Flight. And last night we watched a movie on Taking Flight with Christian, Abby and Kara. El Salvador is very fun.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


By Mickey

Z-huat is one of my favorite stopos on this coast. It is a nice little town with tiny dinghy landings. The downside is pongas (fishing boats) are busy at night.

J.P and I slept over at Bella Star. We played video games until about the next morning I made pancakes for everyone and J.P. made oatmeal. Z-town is a very good town.

Sleep Over at Bella Star

By J.P.

Hi again! Yesterday I went to our friend's boat, Bella Star. We slept over thre for our first time sleeping over on a boat! We went in our dinghy and then our parents left to go on a date.

We went in and started talking. We got bored so we started playing Battlefront. Battlefront is a computer game. After that it was late so we decided to mellow out and watch a movie. Last we went to bed.

The next morning, we all went to my boat and I made oatmeal and Mickey made pancakes. We had a great time!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Special Treat

Hi everybody! We are in Ixtapa where there is a awesome hotel! The hotel is named Fontane. It has 3 pools, a giant lobby, a tight hallway and awesome rooms. This is a treat because we live on a boat so it is hard to find wide open spaces.

We only swam in one pool because we are here for only one day. There is no hot tub, but a small water slide. If I could upgrade the hotel I would let guests swim, install a hot tub and make another elevator.

My favorite part of the hotel is that they have awesome rooms. They have 2 beds, a balcony overlookin the pool, and a I guess that's it....wait, there's room service.

I hope that everybody is happy!


Las Hadas to Zihuat

Our passage from Las Hadas was a 2 night passage. Las Hadas is a small town just north of Manzanillo. We stopped at Lorenzo Caderas (not sure if that's the right name) just so we could get rest. We left at about 5:00 am and arrived in Ixtapa around 12:00.

I am at a hotel as I write. We have spent the last two or three months sleeping in our own beds so we needed a vacation. We are going to Zihuatanejo (for short I call it Z-town or Zhuat) today. I will do another post of Z-town when we leave.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barra de Navidad

Written by J.P.

We went to Barra a few days ago and did lots of cool things. We went swimming at hotel called the Sands Hotel. I went swimming with Annie and Sydney from Pearl. Annie is 9 years old and Sydney is 13. We also saw Endeavor too! The kids on Endeavor are Sydney and James. We went swimming almost every day beacuse it was very hot there. I mostly just swam, but I also put in some jumping. I used goggles and rafts.

We found some friends there. We saw Pearl, Ventured that holds Erlin and Jen. We saw Bella Star which is Aaron and Nicole and Panache and Blue.

We did a raft up. Rafting up is where you tie up to each other. When you raft up you form a little island of boats. A fun part is that you can just hop to other boats. Last night we just told jokes. Barra is a cool town.

Barra Navidad
by Mickey Doolittle

I think Barra is a little similar to Cabo San Lucas. It is a very nice town and cruiser friendly. There is a hotel called the Sands and they welcome cruisers to drop off garbage, swim, shower and tie up your dinghy.

The anchorage was a very shallow lagoon. We tied up with friends Nicole and Aaron on Bella Star, Erlin and Jen on Ventured, and Zach and his dad on Panache.

Barra also had a Thrifty's. We went there almost every day. I had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Barra Navidad is a very nice town.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photos of the Jungle Tour

Finally, here are the photos we took of the jungle tour in Tenacatita. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tenacatita, Mexico

Current location: Barra Navidad, Mexico

Jungle Tour
By J.P.

A few days ago I went on a jungle tour at Tenacatita. It was not on land because we took our dinghy. We had to get past breaking waves! It was narrow, but very green and it was not an ocean though it was very beautiful. It got more narrow as we went. There were water taxis as in taxis that go in the water (or small boats). Mickey and I were laying down in the dinghy which is a boat that is little. We saw tiny crabs too! We saw cool butterflies and water snakes! Finally it was time to go and so we did.

Tenacatita Jungle Tour
By Mickey

A few days ago we went in our dinghy into a river down through the jungle. A few of our friends joined us. The entrance to the river was past the break water. Break water is where the water breaks. Once you get inside you’re in shallow water and sometimes you run aground.

It was beautiful inside and to prove it here are some pics:
(Well, my mom says that we haven't downloaded the photos yet so we'll post soon!).

We saw a variety of wildlife. We saw white Egrets (birds), red crabs on trees just above the water, pelicans and a sea snake. We were looking for crocodiles, but we did not see one on the tour though I saw one the day before. It was a small one and looked like a giant lizard.

It was a beautiful trip and it was relaxing.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Stay in a Marina vs. An Anchorage

Top 10 reasons La Cruz Marina is better than the anchorage:
By Mickey Doolittle

10. Unlimited electricity
9. Exercise is easy
8. Close to Huanacaxtle Cafe (my favorite restaurant here)
7. The anchorage is rolly
6. More people to see in the marina
5. The anchorage you have to take the dinghy to shore
4. Watch the sunset in the Sky Bar
3. Bus is nearby
2. V.I.P. Lounge has bathrooms, WiFi, air-conditioning and a good place to meet up with friends
1. Take 10 steps and you are on land

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Honor of Martin Luther King Day

By Mickey Doolittle

I have a dream that one day war will end. I want this dream because, I hate violence and killing. I would love war to be replaced with either debating or to use the Nerf guns, exploders or other guns that don't cause harm. If this dream comes true, it will help Mother Earth a lot.

By J.P. Doolittle

I have a dream that nobody uses deadly weapons. I will make this dream come tru by telling people that it is wrong to use them! If the really want to use weapons I would tell them to use other kinds of guns like Nerf or paintball guns. I wish this dream will come true.