Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Visit to Ms. Johnson's Class

Visit to Molly’s Classroom
By Mickey

    On September 13th we went to my mom’s friend’s classroom. It was a very nice school with a massive whiteboard. There were about 25 kids in the classs. The kids were extremely nice and so sweet.  The room number was 3 and Ms. Johnson, the teacher, would yell, “Who has it better than Room 3?”

    And everyone says, “NOBODY!”   It is from Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers coach.

    There were many things to do like dominoes and other activities. One of the students was doing the Baja Ha-Ha! She was going to do it in a few weeks!!! Also, we talked about our trip. We answered questions, helped with papers, played with the 1st graders and talked about this blog.

    Well, I better be going. Bye!

Visit to Ms. Johnson’s Class
By J.P.

     Today I went to Ms. Johnson’s class. Me, Mickey and my mom went because we helped out. There were 25 kids at the class. It brought back a lot of first grade memories. I helped out a little. I wrote Ms. Johnson’s name on her books and showed the kids pictures of our boat.
     Ms. Johnson’s real name is Molly. Sometimes Molly would yell, “Who has it better than Room 3?”

    Then everybody would yell, “Nobody!”

    Their room is three. There was a girl there who was doing the Baja Ha-Ha. The Baja Ha-Ha is a sailboat race from San Diego to Mexico. I was so surprised!

     That’s all! Bye!