Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pictures of the Boat (Knee Deep)

A picture of our boat:

This is me in the V-berth. It is JP and my bedroom to sleep in.

This is me driving the boat. My dad is teaching J.P. something about the sails.

Every boat needs a pirate!!

Monday, September 19, 2011



We are naming the boat Knee Deep. It is my parent's favorite song by Jimmy Buffett. Here is the song:


You have to load the dinghy on your boat sometime. This is my dad and I loading the dinghy onto our boat. The dinghy is inside the bag all folded up without any air in it. We will fill it with air when we are ready and will buy an engine for it.

Mickey 9/19/11

The rest of our floating home, Knee Deep......

The Galley (for you land lovers, the kitchen)

The Navigation Table (or breakfast table)

A place to hang the Nerf swords in Mickey and J.P.'s bedroom

The main salon area (also turns into a dining area)

Mickey and J.P.'s bedroom (a.k.a. v-berth)

Door to Mickey and J.P.'s room

The head (a.k.a. the bathroom), complete with pump toilet!

Where we spend most of our time, the cockpit.

The playroom :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi! This is Mickey and J.P. Doolittle. This Fall we are going on an sailing adventure. We are headed down to the Caribbean, Mexico, Panama Canal and other places on the coast. We are going on a sailboat called a Catalina 38. So follow along and every once in a while check back in with us!

Mickey Doolittle - I am 9 years old and will turn 10 on October 9th (send presents...just kidding!). I am in 4th grade and I like traveling, sports, video games (obviously), and spending time with my family. I am very excited to go down the coast with my family, stopping by different places, such as San Diego, Santa Cruz, and Mexico. I am excited to see whales, dolphins and other tropical fish.

J.P. Doolittle - I am 7 years old. My date of birth is March 13th, 2004. I like Legos, video games and especially my family. I really am going to miss: t.v., beds, big space, kickball, four square and definitely my friends. I'm going to have fun with: swimming with the dolphins in clear water, sword fighting on the boat with my brother, sleeping in the V-berth and especially having this blog.

This is us with our mom and dad shopping for a dinghy. This is the little boat we will take into shore from our big sailboat (kinda like an escape pod).