Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Stay in a Marina vs. An Anchorage

Top 10 reasons La Cruz Marina is better than the anchorage:
By Mickey Doolittle

10. Unlimited electricity
9. Exercise is easy
8. Close to Huanacaxtle Cafe (my favorite restaurant here)
7. The anchorage is rolly
6. More people to see in the marina
5. The anchorage you have to take the dinghy to shore
4. Watch the sunset in the Sky Bar
3. Bus is nearby
2. V.I.P. Lounge has bathrooms, WiFi, air-conditioning and a good place to meet up with friends
1. Take 10 steps and you are on land

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Honor of Martin Luther King Day

By Mickey Doolittle

I have a dream that one day war will end. I want this dream because, I hate violence and killing. I would love war to be replaced with either debating or to use the Nerf guns, exploders or other guns that don't cause harm. If this dream comes true, it will help Mother Earth a lot.

By J.P. Doolittle

I have a dream that nobody uses deadly weapons. I will make this dream come tru by telling people that it is wrong to use them! If the really want to use weapons I would tell them to use other kinds of guns like Nerf or paintball guns. I wish this dream will come true.