Tuesday, November 29, 2011

La Paz Poems

Here are the poems the boys wrote about La Paz (their annoying teacher assigned it!).


L uscious Fanta
A ctually awesome

P recious beaches
A lways sunny
Z ooming waves


L uscious food
A wesome sports

P eople, lovely people
A ppetizers, chips, bread, rice
Z zzzzz, easy to get many zzzzzzz's

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stuck Sweatin'

Mickey here! Right now I am stuck on the boat sweating and maybe later I might go swimming. My cousins cam and visited from Petaluma which is right near San Francisco.

They gave me a new favorite food. It is a brown sugar bagel with blueberry cream cheese!!!!! It came from the bagel shop here in La Paz. It tasted like no other bagel I have tasted before!

The other day we went to try and see a few whale sharks that are in the bay. We saw a few huge dolphins, but no whales. our cousins and my friends, James and Sydney, were on board. Jack and Chase's reactions were Ooooohs and Ah Ah Ah Ahs. When we saw them we went, "Where, where, where?.....Oh, just dolphins." (we have seen a lot of dolphins).

From J.P.

Hello people! We are in La Paz and it’s very warm here! I am stuck with my brother. It is a little breezy. It’s a good day to swim and it’s very sunny.

There are treats like Milch and a brown sugar bagel with blueberry cream cheese here. Milch looks like an ice cream bar, but you don’t have to freeze it! There is one more treat that is a cupcake called Penguino.

I lost a tooth when we were looking for whale sharks, but all we saw were dolphins. When we were watching for whale sharks, we picked up Jack and Chase (my cousins) and James and Sydney (my friends). Jack, Chase and Mickey sat in a boson chair and we tied a rope to the chair and my dad raised them up the mast (scary!).

I guess that is all for today. Goodbye and have a great time!



Friday, November 18, 2011

Answers to a Comment's Question

Our friend, Chris asked a question in the "Comments" section. Thanks! We love it when people comment! So as for your question....our mom helped us with what it meant.

"Hola Micky and J.P. ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de México? Can you
answer this?"
Translation: What do you like most about Mexico?

Mickey: I like the clear water because I can actually see the fish and go
snorkeling and easily see. Sometimes you can see the bottom in 40 foot

JP: I like the food in Mexico because I like rice,
tortillas, quesadillas and mostly Fanta soda - orange (naranja).

Keep the comments coming!!

Mickey and JP

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Belated Halloween Pictures....

The JACE crew going to the Baja Ha Ha Kick-off Halloween Party!

Obi Won Kenobi (Mick), Jedi Knight J.P., Princess Lea (Molly) and Chewbecca (Chwebacca's sister (Ben).

Jedi Knights from the boat JACE....sSlaying the Devil from the boat Panache!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hi again! Sorry it took so long to get WiFi. JP, my mom and I right now are hanging out in McDonalds because they have WiFi and great food.

We were in Cabo San Lucas for about one week and we had fun. We had a good time swimming in a hotel pool, snorkeling and having movie night.

JACE (our boat’s name) pulled into Cabo at around 4:00 in the afternoon on November 4th. The Baja Ha Ha race ended and they threw a party and an award ceremony. My little brother won the award for “Naked Sailor”. Everyone won an award for finishing the Baja Ha Ha. We won third place, here is a picture of the award (oops, we can't download the pic right now, will try later!).

We are stuck here in Cabo San Lucas waiting for the North winds to die down. We were anchored out in the bay. Anchoring out is when we find a spot we like in the bay, use a machine to lower the metal thing, called an anchor. When it hits the bottom, we back up and it gets buried in the sand. We stayed for 5 nights anchored out near the beach.

It got very wavy so my dad said, “I’m getting tired of this. You know what, we are going to get a slip in the marina!!” So we did!

Our next stop is La Paz, Mexico and we will try to do another blog entry when we get there!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where Are We??

The boys wrote these blog entries while under way from San Diego. We had not internet access to post them so we will be catching up with posts for a while. Please note we are currently anchored out in Cabo San Lucas:

October 27, 2011

You may ask, “where are we?”. Well, in Mexico!! We just pulled into Turtle Bay and we started the Baja Ha Ha. On the way from San Diego to Turtle Bay, we saw dolphins, a sting ray, and as I, Mickey, told my class.....fly fish that jumped into the cockpit. I also played in a baseball game with all of the kids that lived in the village.

The Baja Ha Ha is a race down the coast. It goes from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. It is one of the most popular sailing races ever.

We will post pictures soon!!!

October 27, 2011


Hello! We are doing the Baja Ha Ha. The Baja Ha Ha is a race, but not too competitive. We saw a sting ray and dolphins eating. We went to a costume party too. Mickey was Obi One Kenobi and I was a Jedi.