Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hi again! Sorry it took so long to get WiFi. JP, my mom and I right now are hanging out in McDonalds because they have WiFi and great food.

We were in Cabo San Lucas for about one week and we had fun. We had a good time swimming in a hotel pool, snorkeling and having movie night.

JACE (our boat’s name) pulled into Cabo at around 4:00 in the afternoon on November 4th. The Baja Ha Ha race ended and they threw a party and an award ceremony. My little brother won the award for “Naked Sailor”. Everyone won an award for finishing the Baja Ha Ha. We won third place, here is a picture of the award (oops, we can't download the pic right now, will try later!).

We are stuck here in Cabo San Lucas waiting for the North winds to die down. We were anchored out in the bay. Anchoring out is when we find a spot we like in the bay, use a machine to lower the metal thing, called an anchor. When it hits the bottom, we back up and it gets buried in the sand. We stayed for 5 nights anchored out near the beach.

It got very wavy so my dad said, “I’m getting tired of this. You know what, we are going to get a slip in the marina!!” So we did!

Our next stop is La Paz, Mexico and we will try to do another blog entry when we get there!


  1. Hola Micky and J.P.
    ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de México? Can you answer this?

  2. Hi Mickey - I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. What an amazing adventure you are having! Keep up the good work. I miss your smiling face.
    Ms. Boyd

  3. I wonder when you guys are going to get to La Paz? Are your friends from the village still your friends?Did they speak Spanish or English? JP, We think it is really funny that you were a naked sailor.

    -Mary and Friedie