Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tenacatita, Mexico

Current location: Barra Navidad, Mexico

Jungle Tour
By J.P.

A few days ago I went on a jungle tour at Tenacatita. It was not on land because we took our dinghy. We had to get past breaking waves! It was narrow, but very green and it was not an ocean though it was very beautiful. It got more narrow as we went. There were water taxis as in taxis that go in the water (or small boats). Mickey and I were laying down in the dinghy which is a boat that is little. We saw tiny crabs too! We saw cool butterflies and water snakes! Finally it was time to go and so we did.

Tenacatita Jungle Tour
By Mickey

A few days ago we went in our dinghy into a river down through the jungle. A few of our friends joined us. The entrance to the river was past the break water. Break water is where the water breaks. Once you get inside you’re in shallow water and sometimes you run aground.

It was beautiful inside and to prove it here are some pics:
(Well, my mom says that we haven't downloaded the photos yet so we'll post soon!).

We saw a variety of wildlife. We saw white Egrets (birds), red crabs on trees just above the water, pelicans and a sea snake. We were looking for crocodiles, but we did not see one on the tour though I saw one the day before. It was a small one and looked like a giant lizard.

It was a beautiful trip and it was relaxing.


  1. I can personally vouch for seeing the gator in the surf with Mickey. I think Mickey might have broken a few records on that sprint to shore!

  2. Great stories and photos! Can you do me a favor? On your next adventure off the boat, could you take a picture of a reptile for me? They're my favorite kind of animals. Thanks

  3. Yowza that sure looks like fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures and pictures : )