Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barra de Navidad

Written by J.P.

We went to Barra a few days ago and did lots of cool things. We went swimming at hotel called the Sands Hotel. I went swimming with Annie and Sydney from Pearl. Annie is 9 years old and Sydney is 13. We also saw Endeavor too! The kids on Endeavor are Sydney and James. We went swimming almost every day beacuse it was very hot there. I mostly just swam, but I also put in some jumping. I used goggles and rafts.

We found some friends there. We saw Pearl, Ventured that holds Erlin and Jen. We saw Bella Star which is Aaron and Nicole and Panache and Blue.

We did a raft up. Rafting up is where you tie up to each other. When you raft up you form a little island of boats. A fun part is that you can just hop to other boats. Last night we just told jokes. Barra is a cool town.

Barra Navidad
by Mickey Doolittle

I think Barra is a little similar to Cabo San Lucas. It is a very nice town and cruiser friendly. There is a hotel called the Sands and they welcome cruisers to drop off garbage, swim, shower and tie up your dinghy.

The anchorage was a very shallow lagoon. We tied up with friends Nicole and Aaron on Bella Star, Erlin and Jen on Ventured, and Zach and his dad on Panache.

Barra also had a Thrifty's. We went there almost every day. I had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Barra Navidad is a very nice town.


  1. The rafting up sounds like fun! Glad to hear you are finding ways to stay cool, enjoy the helado : )

  2. The party barge was a good time!

  3. Co Co - It was fun! I hope you have a good time with all of the cousins!!

    Aaron - The party barge was fun! I hope we could do it again!!