Saturday, March 31, 2012

El Salvador

by Mickey Doolittle

Hi! Mickey here in El Salvador. We did a two overnight to Bahia del Sol. We acnchored out at 3:00 a.m. and I was asleep at this time. My mom and dad were sleeping in the cockpit and weren't happy to see me at 6:00 in the morning. Next, we cleaned up the cockpit, made coffee and called the pilot boat. Then we pulled the anchor up and got ready.

The pilot boat came to greet us on a jet ski and met us at the entrance of the break water. He had two people on it, one talking to us on the radio. My mom was supposed to steet, but when she saw the first wave, she was out of the pilot seat in a heartbeat. After the first wave, I clicked out of my harness and I was down below. I was looking out the window and those waves were huge! Here's a video (you may have to cut and paste it):

Did you like it? Well, I'll just have to wait for comments.

Hasta La Bye-Bye!

By J.P. Doolittle

Hi again! I am in Bahia del Sol. Me and my family had to get through a sand bar to get here. There are BIG waves! We did it on a really sunny morning. I was down below because I was scared. It looked like I was surfing. The waves were about to break on us.

The marina is awesome! The docks are really cheap and there is a fantastic pool. A bridge goes over the water. There are also palm trees surrounding the pool. The people who work here squeeze lime juice on trees so the bugs don't come there. There is free water and electricity, too. We went to the breakfast buffet and it was air conditioned. There are also some of our friends on boats with kids. The boat names are Andiamo and Taking Flight. And last night we watched a movie on Taking Flight with Christian, Abby and Kara. El Salvador is very fun.


  1. Wow I watched the video of riding the waves into El Salvador marina, VERY EXCITING! I love the smile on your dad's face and the beautiful water! The waves were big in Santa Cruz yesterday and we thought of you! Love and hugs, CoCo

  2. You boys are awesome writers! It's great to hear your point of view and from the sound of it, you're enjoying this cruising life! All of us on Endeavor miss you two mucho!