Thursday, April 12, 2012

El Salvador and Storms

By Mickey

Bahia del Sol is a hotel/marina. It is where we are staying. There is an anchorage and a mooring field. Our friends, sailing vessel Andiamo III, are staying in the hotel because they are moving to Texas.

Yesterday we got on the bus to San Salvador. Almost every day there is a van from Bahia del Sol to the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador. On the way back we dropped my dad, Ben, and our friend, Aaron off at the airport so they can fly to Florida. He will take a drug test for his Captain’s license.

The marina has a pool!!! Every day we go swimming, but there is a LOT of chemicals in that thing. When you open your mouth, your teeth feel like they’re raw. Well, I guess that’s a wrap!

By J.P.

Hi again! We are in El Salvador. There was a huge thunder storm last Sunday night. Our boat got soaked. It was nighttime. The thunder was like somebody screaming in your ear! The lightening looked like the water was a cake and the lightening was a candle.

I felt totally normal. I was kinda scared, not of the lightening but of the rain because it was pouring so hard. I felt comfortable under my blanket. I wondered why it was pouring so much.

In the morning our boat was actually pretty dry. We opened the hatches again and had breakfast. After that we packed up and headed for the pool. That will be it for today!


  1. love reading your blog! Keep it up guys :)

  2. Those were great posts! Mickey, if that's what happened when you opened you mouth, I hope you kept your eyes shut!!! J.P., I really liked your description of lightning on the ocean! Adios...