Friday, May 18, 2012

Current location:  Bahia del Sol, El Salvador
By J.P. Doolittle
Hi again; J.P. here! Me and my family went on a trip to Santa Ana for a volcano trip. We went to a good hotel and a bad one for somewhere to stay. First, we went to the bad one. There were a lot of cockroaches! We were excited because there was a T.V. There were nice cushioned beds, but a little bit small. There was even a hole in the bathroom.  That day we went to the rainforest and when we got back we went to the good hotel!
It was nice and big! There was big T.V. with lots of channels. There was good internet. There were two beds that were also cushioned. There was a restaurant and a breakfast buffet. There were no cockroaches!! There was also a big pool! We spent the night there. After we woke up, we had breakfast then left for the volcano!
The volcano was covered with green!! We had a tour guide help us and show everything to us. When we started the walk around the crater, it was very green. There were massive trees! It was nice and cold. There were yummy berries off the plants. We didn’t use a vehicle because there wasn’t any.
When we got done, there was BIG FOG! You couldn’t see a thing! Me, Zach, Ben and Mickey walked in and out of the fog so it was like we appeared and disappeared. After that we went on three busses to the marina. That’s all for today!! Bye!

Inland Travel
The other day we went on a big trip to the volcano in Santa Ana. There were two options for hikes; a four hour hike up the volcano or a 45 minute hike around a crater. Our friends left the hotel at 7:00 a.m. because Aaron, Nicole and Zack took the four hour hike. We left at 11:00 a.m. because we took the 45 minute hike.
When we got there, it was foggy and warm. It was up in the mountains. Me and my family walked up to a tour guide and he said, “It will be a contribution for a tour guide.” It was a fair deal so we took it and started. Halfway through it was glorious and the trees started to get bigger as we walked. We were getting into the older part of the forest. When it was done, I met up with Zack, Aaron and Nicole and headed back to the hotel. The trip was very fun.
When we got back to the hotel, I flopped down on the couch and started to play with my new IPod Touch!  Our room had clean bathrooms and air-conditioning. Also a flat screen T.V., Wi-Fi, power, HOT showers, pool, and a restaurant. To me it was like heaven!
The next morning, we got on a bus and headed to Apateca, a town near a rainforest. We took a hike up to a lake and had pupusas for lunch. I watched the locals play soccer and swim. On the way down, we caught a ride on a truck. Apateca was a nice town.
Finally, it was time to catch the bus back to the marina. We took the direct bus; it took about 7 HOURS to get back. At one point, I looked over to my mom and whispered, “I am so ‘beepin’ HOT!” But after 7 hours of sitting, we made it. As soon as I saw the pool, I took off my shirt, put down my bag and I was wet in half a second. Well, I better go eat lunch.
Hasta la bye-bye!
Written by
Mickey Doolittle

 Cerro Verde means Green Hill.

At the National Volcano Park

The bad hotel with cockroaches.

We found this baker making pan dulces. They were warm and good! 10 cents each!

The cathedral in Santa Ana.

The lake we hiked to near the rainforest.

A lady had a pet racoon on a leash.

There was a stormtropper in the hostel in Apateca.

The Volcano National Park. The fog rolled in.

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