Monday, May 14, 2012

Soon, we will have to say good-bye to our good friend, Zack from Panache as he sets sail across the Pacific Ocean. The boys decided to write him a good-bye poem to send him off with well wishes.  We will miss you Zack!!!

We Loved Hanging Out With You Zack
By Mickey and J.P. Doolittle - s/v Knee Deep

 We loved hanging out with you, Zack.
We wish we could return to The Shack!
Those corn dogs and burgers were really good,
we would go back there with you if we could.

We loved hanging out with you Zack.
“Angry Native” the ocean is yours to attack.
It was really fun crossing the bar,
Panache was going as fast as a car!!

We loved hanging out with you Zack.
You are as funny as Jack Black.
It was fun singing with you at karaoke.
When we met you we were full of glee!!

 We loved hanging out with you Zack.
At the Baja party we gave you a whack.
As Jedis, devils, princess and Wookies,
We all set sail for the high seas.

 We loved hanging out with you Zack.
We will miss your jokes and giving us flack.
Please keep in touch with us,
but if you e-mail do not cuss!

Jedis slaying the devils at the Kick-off Baja Ha Ha Party way back in San Diego.

Roaming the streets of Huatulco, Mexico.

Visiting a coffee plantation in Chiapas, Mexico.

 Rafting up with Panache in Barra Navidad, Mexico.

"The Band is Breaking Up" good-bye dinner in Bahia del Sol, El Salvador.

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  1. Thanks for the good times Knee Deep. But who is going to give Mickey and JP a hard time now that I'm gone!?