Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Isla Mogo Mogo, Panama

We are enjoying our time here in the Las Perlas Islands, Panama. The boys were assigned a descriptive paragraph writing assignment by their cranky, old teacher for school recently and here are the results! 

Isla Mogo Mogo 
By J.P. Doolittle

Isla Mogo Mogo was a beautiful place. I saw an anchored boat with shining white fiberglass and lovely polished wood. I heard small gentle waves at a soft tone.  A cool, relaxing blanket of mist washed over me.  The steamy, flavorful, homemade hot dogs that were being cooked in the kitchen made me drool.  A strange leaf and stick structure settled in the distance on the beach. Isla Mogo Mogo was an awesome place.

Isla Mogo Mogo
By Mickey Doolittle

Isla Mogo Mogo is extremely beautiful.  There are hundreds of trees and the leaves look like moss growing on land.  When I shut my eyes,  I hear water breaking on the beach and children playing.  I turn my attention to the taste of chocolate milk which I swish around my mouth to make it cool.  After jumping overboard, the water hits me and a blast of harsh, cool water flows around my skin.  When I inhale through my nose, it smells like chocolate milk, salt water and wood.  The anchorage Isla Mogo Mogo is a key desitnation for cruisers and is an exciting and pretty place.


  1. Hey Doolittles! Miss you guys...great, descriptive stories. They made me feel like I was there! What do you think...Niners/Pats Super Bowl?? Happy sailing

  2. Nice paragraphs guys....you bring your experience of the island to life for me : ) Miss you, Coco