Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in Panama

Current location:  Panama City, Panama

By J.P. Doolittle

Merry Christmas!  Christmas Eve was exciting. The first thing we did was put on Santa hats. I was excited to open presents the next day. We sat around for a while and then our friends, Aaron and Nicole came over.
We hung out for a long time then I decided to ask dad if I could ride in the dinghy alone. I got my lifejacket on and took off. That’s when I realized my first problem.  All the weight in the dinghy, which was me, was tipped to one side. So I decided I would pick up more weight, Aaron.
I started taking tight turns. Aaron decided to start calling them “High G Turns”.   Then Aaron said he needed a drink. We agreed that I would go by the boat, without stopping and he would grab a beer. Success!! Then Mickey wanted to come so we picked him up. After that we did other boring stuff when we got back to the boat, like talking.

That night more friends came over for dessert. Then our friends from Gundermine gave me and Mickey a foot long plastic candy cane full of Hershey Kisses. After talking for ten minutes, Mickey and I went to bed. We just got settled into our beds when Mickey remembered to put cookies and milk out for Santa. We did ,and again went to bed.

That night I woke up at midnight. When I checked for presents, there were none. Then I went back to sleep and woke up at my normal time. I looked out and there were presents!!! I wanted to wake up mom and dad, but we made a rule that we can’t wake them up before 8:00. I stared at the clock for three hours and then woke them up. I got awesome presents like: Legos, a skateboard and I also got a stuffed animal that came with a star! Yeah, a real star! I even received some poker chips.

Christmas night we went to pizza. I tried my skateboard and the tires were sticking. Oh well! We had to lubricate the tires, that’s all.  Anyway, they had REALLY good pizza. After we ate, I got even more presents. Finally, Kara offered to me to play Minecraft, an exciting video game. Then we went home. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year!
Kara from Taking Flight and I playing Minecraft!!
Some of the presents I got for Christmas!!



  1. Love the holidays! Great post boys. I miss bossing you two around!

    -Zachary SO Lough
    S/V Panache, 1976 Catalina 30

  2. Hey J.P., nice presents! Maybe next time I see you we could play some 5 card stud with your chips?! I promise no boring stuff like talking! Hope you had a great New Year!