Monday, December 5, 2011

More Answers to Your Questions.....

Our friends, Mary and Friedie asked these questions and now we will answer them:

"I wonder when you guys are going to get to La Paz? Are your friends from the village still your friends? Did they speak Spanish or English? JP, We think it is really funny that you were a naked sailor." -Mary and Friedie

We got to La Paz 3 weeks ago and it is very hot and fun here. We went out to the Islands and they were beautiful. The water was so clear that we could see millions of fish when we were at the sea lion rookery. My dad choked on salt water because a sea lion swam around him and then swam away.

Are your friends from the village still your friends? Not really, because we haven't gone back to Bahia Tortuga. They spoke Spanish, but they wanted to learn English. The word home run in Spanish is just "home run".

Here is a question from our friend, Sara: Have you learned any Spanish yet? If so, you will have to teach me some when you get back.

Hi Sara! We haven't been learning very much Spanish, but we have been learning little by little.

We have learned: hello - hola
How are you doing? - Como estas?
My brother is crazy - Mi hermano es loco!
thank you - gracias
no - no
yes - si
your welcome - de nada
french fries - papas
orange fanta - fanta naranja
shoes - zapatos
market - mercado
football - futbol americano
soccer - futbol
How do you say? - Como se dice?
cheeseburger - hamburguesa con queso
I don't know - No se
all of the numbers to 10

We like it when people ask us questions! Keep in touch!
Mickey and J.P.

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  1. I was reading these words aloud while butchering them. Gracias for the lesson!