Thursday, December 29, 2011

From La Cruz, Mexico


As you all know the sailing language is a little different. Here are some vocabulary.

#1. main sail - the sail that uses the boom to stay up.
#2. dodger - a plastic screen that protects the cockpit from the wind.
#3. spinnaker - a sail used only when the wind is just right.
#4. Los Muertos - a tiny town mostly a big hotel.
#5. Mazatlan - a large town
#6. Catalina 38 - the type of boat we are on.
#7. Profligate - the leader of the Baja Ha Ha.
#8. marina - a place where boats go to dock.
#9. Keep in touch! Hopefully I will get another time soon to do another entry.



Dear Followers and Readers,

Hello everyone. This is J.P. saying that we sailed from La Paz to Los Muertos and then from Los Muertos to Mazatlan and Mazatlan to La Cruz. Now we are at La Cruz and I met a kid that is about Mickey's age meaning about 10 or 11. His name is Leo. He has a sister named Theresa. We also met some kids named James and Sydney. We went sailing on their big boat and went snorkeling. A whale splashed us, but we did not see it come out of the water. Mickey, James and Sydney were all on deck and so was I. They got wet, but did not get as wet as me! That is all I have to say today.




  1. Hey guys! Merry Christmas. I have a question. Have you crossed into the tropics yet? Let me know. Natalie and Tessa say "Hi".